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Cuba: The Perfect Formula for Leisure
Date: NOV 05, 2018
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The Cuban archipelago, a tourist destination par excellence in the Caribbean, prepares its infrastructure for the so-called peak high season, with a wide range of options that make up the perfect formula for leisure.

As is traditional, November marks the beginning of a period that extends until April and is characterized by an increase in tourist arrivals from the most diverse latitudes.

Sun and beach, in first place, and a portfolio that includes nature, history, culture, health care and quality of life, meetings, congresses and incentive trips, nautical and, above all, circuits, complete the offer.

As a complement, Cuba has 69,286 rooms, 69 percent of which are in four- and five-star hotels and 2018 is expected to close with 5,000 new hotel rooms.

In addition, there is the precedent that Cuba received 4,689,894 foreign visitors in 2017, accounting for an 11.6-percent growth.

The existence of thousands of rooms is complemented by a wide infrastructure of tourist centers for shows, sports, commercial establishments and restaurants, where gastronomy undoubtedly holds a special place.

Furthermore, hundreds of rooms in private homes provide accommodation to vacationer, thus contributing to meet the increasing demand for lodging.

The key to this increasing trend is Cuba's climate, which contrasts with the low temperatures in winter in the northern hemisphere, in addition to allowing holidaymakers to enjoy the crystal-clear waters that surround the island.

Spa areas with white sands and warm waters are some of the main alternatives for thousands of tourists who come every year to spend their vacations.

Airports, hotels, recreational facilities, car rental companies and travel agencies work together in order to assimilate the growing inflow of tourists.

Some 27 joint ventures that run 5,000 rooms operate in Cuba and by 2030, 610 new projects will be completed, and the country will have 103,000 hotel rooms.

Cuba's geographic location also makes the island a safe haven for migratory birds that travel long distances in search of food and refuge from North America to South America and on their way back.

Large number and variety of birds, especially during the winter season, take advantage of the rivers, lagoons, dams and cays that abound everywhere in Cuba.

Natural and biosphere reserves, natural landscapes, national parks and protected areas make up an extensive network of options, marked by their wealth, excellent preservation and unique characteristics that distinguish them in the region.

Sea bottom
Scuba diving
Santa María del Mar Beach.

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Jibacoa. Sea bottom Scuba diving Parrot . Santa María del Mar Beach. Bayamo`s Church Los Portales Cave Los Portales Cave View of El Nicho, Cienfuegos Martí Park, Cienfuegos Sea Excursion, Cienfuegos Starfish. Villa Las Brujas. Beach Remnant of battlement in the Wall El Morro`s lighthouse Flamingos. Turtle-raising farm.
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