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Cuba Offers Tourists New Attractions
Date: OCT 08, 2018
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Cuban tourist industry, which has traditionally and heavily relied on sun and beach, is going beyond these offers to encompass a broader spectrum of leisure-related choices that span throughout the island.

These attractions are supported by the Cuban archipelago´s strategic location in the Caribbean Sea, which is dotted by more than four thousand nearby cays, islets and isles.

Spas such as Varadero, Guardalavaca, Esmeralda, Santa Maria del Mar, Santa Lucia, Ancon, as well as the keys Coco, Guillermo, Largo del Sur, Santa Maria, Las Brujas and Levisa have everything visitors might wish for all year round.

Varadero is recognized worldwide as the most beautiful of Cuban beaches, boasting 22 meters of sand strip and some 21 kilometers of seashore.

Competing with its western peers is the portentous Guardalavaca Beach, one of the first Cuban spots visited by Christopher Columbus on his arrival on the island. Guardalavaca eventually became a haven for corsairs and pirates through the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

As part of its development strategy, the Cuban Tourist Ministry in going to great lengths to include the province of Matanzas among its favorite destinations, owing to its 325 years of history.

More than 62 spots will be offering visitors an unforgettable experience in the city proper, including the Sauto Theater, the Fire Department, the Pharmaceutical Museum, the San Severino Castle, the Junco Palace, the Narvaez river walk, La Vigia Square, the Calle del Medio, the La Libertad Park and the Lacret Morlot Bridge.

Also in the east, Santiago de Cuba is doing its best to exploit the local patrimonial, historical, natural and cultural potentials, supported by a broad investment process.

The town of El Cobre, located just over 20 kilometers from the provincial capital, is currently playing a dynamic role in the investment process.

The recently inaugurate Los Peregrinos Hotel there, has eight rooms and was designed for visitors to the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, patron saint of Cuba.

In addition will come El Cobre hotel, namesake of the territory, which will open with 18 rooms, which will eventually grow to 41.

To make things better, the Gibara Beach, in the province of Holguín, has gained the status of Tourist Destination and is now offering excursions to its natural caves.

Sagua la Grande (in the center of the island), has been added to the latest tourism proposals, owing to its new hotel facilities, by offering a glimpse of the local history, culture, architecture, all combined with recreation.

As a curiosity to be reckoned with, it should be said that Sagua is one of the few cities on the island divided into two halves by a river, and boasts both Music and History museums.

Boat excursion.
Marine Landscape, Holguín`s northern coast
Challenger Tour
View of Esmeralda Beach
Las Guanas Trail on Esmeralda Beach
Boat excursion.

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Boat excursion. Marine Landscape, Holguín`s northern coast Beach Challenger Tour View of Esmeralda Beach Las Guanas Trail on Esmeralda Beach Meliá Varadero. Bird`s-eye view Diving classes. Cayo Coco. Fire Station in the city of Matanzas Cathedral in the city of Matanzas City of Matanzas City of Matanzas Monte Mar Ciénaga de Zapata, Matanzas Josone Park, Varadero Beach Bridge over San Juan River, Matanzas Canímar River, Matanzas Varadero Beach, Matanzas Handicraft market, Matanzas Chorro de Maíta. Taino Village. Panoramic view Varadero. Kawama Canal Entrance to Varadero Golf Club Varadero Beach. View from Varadero Golf Club Xanadu Mansion. Terrace overlooking the sea Xanadu Mansion. Mirador Bar Varadero Golf Club. Caddy house Façade of Xanadu Mansion Xanadu Mansion and Golf course.
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