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Tourism in Eastern Cuba
Date: AUG 06, 2018
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Eastern Cuba, with a wide range of natural options and beaches, has one of the fastest growing destinations in the province of Holguín.

More than 5,000 rooms are located in the territory, where the main groups dedicated to the activity in Cuba operate (Cubanacán, Gaviota and Islazul, among others), all of them with a large infrastructure for tourism.

In addition, eight beaches, several keys for tourism, natural parks and extrahotel options complete the offers for the dynamic leisure industry in the province, visited by thousands of vacationers every year.

Coupled with this, four dozen excellent natural beaches are available to those who love sea baths, in a relationship that includes sites such as Guardalavaca, Estero Ciego, Esmeralda and Don Lino, just to mention a few.

As an additional attraction, the territory will have a new hotel run by the Spanish chain Iberostar, next to Pesquero beach, with 638 rooms, 576 of which will be distributed in bungalows, 60 will hold the Star Prestige category and two presidential suites.

Moreover, it will be the first hotel in the east that will have a water park, which distinguishes the Spanish company in the country and its opening will allow boosting circuit tourism by linking the culture of cities such as Gibara and Santiago de Cuba with the sun and beach modality.

The expansion plans in Holguín are ambitious, because they aim to reach some 10,000 rooms over the next two years, thanks to the opening of new hotels.

The list of new establishments includes centers such as the Saratoga hotel, the third facility of the Encanto brand (E) in Holguín and located in a corner of the Calixto García Park, right in the city's historic heart.

In Guardalavaca, works are under way on the structure of the central block, the accommodation and service area of the Albatros Hotel, which will cover seven hectares and will offer 515 rooms.

Ecotourism enthusiasts will enjoy unique attractions near Sierra Cristal, where one-of-a-kind exponents of Cuban flora such as palms, coconut trees, tropical fruits, ferns and precious timber trees grow.

For their part, diving lovers have the exclusive option of Tanque Azul de Caletones, a flooded cavern that also has the peculiarity of being within the most important route of migratory birds in the region.

The development of the city of San Isidoro de Holguín, the provincial capital, is linked to Don Francisco García de Holguín, who founded the first farmhouse with his wife in 1545.

Two centuries later, Holguín became the fourth city in the country to get this condition, since it had more than 1,200 inhabitants and some 200 houses of rustic construction at that time, in addition to a public school.

With all these elements, the province now stands as a stronghold for tourism, with a medium and long-term program that provides for the construction of a large hotel infrastructure

Cayo Saetía. Pier
Cayo Saetía. Buffalo
Cayo Saetía. Smorgasbord
Cayo Saetía. Cabanas
Cayo Saetía. Cabanas
Cayo Saetía. Cabanas
Cayo Saetía. Pier

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Cayo Saetía. Pier Cayo Saetía. Buffalo Cayo Saetía. Smorgasbord Cayo Saetía. Cabanas Cayo Saetía. Cabanas Cayo Saetía. Cabanas Cayo Saetía. Cabanas Boat excursion. Marine Landscape, Holguín`s northern coast Beach Cayo Saetía. Cuban trogon, national bird View of Esmeralda Beach Chorro de Maita. Taino village. Indigenous group Chorro de Maita. Taino village. Ornaments Chorro de Maita. Taino village.Well with sculpture of indian Chorro de Maita. Taino village. Hut with woman and child Chorro de Maita. Taino village. Main entrance Chorro de Maíta. Taino Village. Panoramic view Chorro de Maita. Landscape Chorro de Maita. Restaurant
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