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Date: MAR 26, 2018
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The Cuban archipelago, a tourist destination par excellence in the Caribbean, takes full advantage of the attractions for leisure that go beyond the so-called main island.

An important role in that activity is played by the numerous islets that make up the Cuban archipelago, which are integrated into the portfolio of offers with relevant options for the leisure industry thanks to the perfect state of preservation of their beaches.

Among Cuban authorities' objectives is the diversification of tourism and works to show new attractions such as history, culture, architecture, hiking, nature and city tourism.

In order to do this, the number of marinas and nautical facilities throughout the country will be increased, as well golf courses and real estate projects will be built.

In this direction, Cayo Santa María stands out close to the central Cuban province of Villa Clara and turned into a site that arouses the interest of thousands of visitors each year, as well as being the seat of the International Tourism Fair in 2018.

With an area of 18 square kilometers and at least ten kilometers of beaches, Cayo Santa María is an important option on Cuba's tourist agenda since it is easily accessible on a causeway over the sea.

The International Tourism Fair will relaunch that tourist destination to promote its commercialization, taking into account the growing interest of holidaymakers in Cuba.

In addition, beaches with suggestive names such as Perla Blanca, Las Caletas, Cañón and Cuatro Puntas are available for visitors and are complemented by an environment that invites vacationers to enjoy a refreshing swim.

Proposals for four- and five-star hotels stand out in offers of Cayo Santa María, which has become a fast-growing tourist destination, which can be accessed through a 48-kilometer-long road built on a base of rocks deposited on the seabed, from the vicinity of the town of Caibarién.

This engineering work has 46 bridges designed to maintain the normal flow of water and marine fauna without damaging the marine and land ecosystems.

It should be noted that in the design and construction of all hotels rigorous planning guidelines have been followed to minimize the damage to the natural environment and integrate them into the landscape in the best possible way.

For the experts, the islet is also an ecological destination, because due to its exuberant vegetation and importance it was declared a Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

In that regard, Cayo Santa María has exclusive and diverse flora and fauna, including many endemic that are native to Cuba.

In addition, there are also vestiges of pre-Columbian cultures in caves near the beaches, as well as beautiful underwater landscapes to the delight of diving enthusiasts.


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