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Cuba: Promotion and Tourism
Date: MAR 19, 2018
Other Reports

The Cuban tourism industry, a fast-growing economic sector, is based on a promotional strategy that includes presentations in major events worldwide.

That is the case of the International Tourism Fair of Moscow (MITT-2018), where Cuba was awarded and showed the diversification of its products, in the midst of a record number of Russian vacationers who travel to the Caribbean island every year.

Attendance at this meeting was not accidental, because in 2017, Cuba for the first time received 105,000 Russian holidaymakers, accounting for a growth of 62 percent compared to 2016.

In order to facilitate the transportation of tourists, the number of flights with Aeroflot, Northwind and Azur Air has increased.

Meanwhile, at the World Tourism Hall in Paris, Cuba publicized a multipurpose product, beyond the traditional offers of sun and beach.

In fact, the options of heritage values, culture and health, as well as the modalities of cruises, nature, events and adventures are all available.

Together with these meetings, just to mention a few, business opportunities in tourism were presented to Italian business people, who learned about Cuba's reality in that sector.

Cuba's hotel industry reports an average annual growth of 10 percent, at a rate of 2,500 rooms, a figure that will increase progressively by 2030.

The development plan includes building 224 hotels and 32 enlargement projects without altering the environment and natural resources; as well as the recovery, enlargement and construction of 23 nautical and marine projects.

This way, the business portfolio has identified 140 opportunities, eight of which are under negotiation, 33 are hotel developments, 90 administration contracts and nine administration and marketing of services in marine and recreational parks.

In general, the promotion of tourist options covers hotel chains, airlines and tour operators specialized in the Caribbean market.

Likewise, the existence of thousands of rooms is complemented by a wide infrastructure of recreational centers, for shows, sporting practices, commercial establishments and restaurants, where gastronomy undoubtedly plays a key role.

For Cuba, the priorities of tourism are aimed at improving the quality of the offers, creating better products, generalizing the use of new technologies in the sector, as well as enhancing diving, sailing, cultural tourism, events, health, tours and circuits and nature.

Cities with major exponents of colonial architecture -in perfect conditions-, hotels linked to plastic arts, heritage sites and a busy agenda of celebrations and festivities are integrated into the offer.

Coupled with this, visitors can enjoy a wide range of options from Cuban and international cuisine, where the most relevant offers of the culinary history of the Caribbean country are available to clients.

Paraíso Beach.
Sirena Beach.
Sirena Beach.
Walk on the beach.
Monte Mar Ciénaga de Zapata, Matanzas
Ancón Beach
Paraíso Beach.

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Paraíso Beach. Sirena Beach. Sirena Beach. Walk on the beach. Monte Mar Ciénaga de Zapata, Matanzas Ancón Beach Pelican. View of the coast. Sirena Beach. Tourists enjoying the beach. View of the beach. Family walking on the beach. Bar on the beach. Turtle-raising farm.
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