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Cuba: An Excellent Season for Tourism
Date: OCT 02, 2017
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The Cuban archipelago, a tourist destination par excellence in the Caribbean, faces the challenge, in the last few months of the year, of meeting the demand from a large number of international holidaymakers.

Generally, from November to April, the tourism industry has to deal with the so-called peak season, which is characterized by an increase in tourist arrivals from all over the world.

The cause of that growing trend in terms of international tourists is Cuba's climate, which contrasts with the low temperatures reported in winter in the northern hemisphere, in addition to the crystal-clear warm water surrounding the archipelago.

Beaches of fine white sand and warm water are among the main attractions for thousands of vacationers who visit the Caribbean nation every year.

Airports, hotels, recreational centers, car-rental companies and travel agencies complement one another to assimilate the growing inflow of tourists.

In addition, destinations like Havana, rich in traditions, architectural styles and culture, are among the sites most visited by foreign travelers, thanks to a broad network of hotels along the coast.

In 2017, the proximity to the peak tourist season is combined with huge efforts to repair the damage caused by Hurricane Irma in Cuba's hotels.

Most hotels are in condition to welcome guests and the deadline to have them ready is precisely the beginning of the period when the demand skyrockets.

In addition, thousands of hotel rooms are complemented by a broad infrastructure of tourist establishments, cultural and sports centers, shops and restaurants, where gastronomy plays a very special role.

Hundreds of rooms in private houses also welcome holidaymakers, thus contributing to meeting the increased demand for accommodation.

Destinations like Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo, in Jardines del Rey (King's Gardens), and Cayo Santamaría, also had wait for the repair of the roads to access them, an indispensable condition to welcome tourists.

As additional elements, regular flights between Cuba and the United States, the rise in charter flights and the arrivals of cruise ships pave the way to a substantial increase in the number of vacationers visiting the Caribbean island in a short term.

Cuba reported the highest number of foreign tourists in November 2016, and in 2017, authorities expect 4.7 million international holidaymakers.

Natural and biosphere reserves, natural landscapes and protected area are some of Cuba's offers, in addition to its well-preserved cultural and historic heritage.

Capitolio. Dome.
Paraíso Beach.
Sirena Beach.
City of Camagüey
Church of Our Lady of Las Mercedes
Agramonte Park
Capitolio. Dome.

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Capitolio. Dome. Paraíso Beach. Sirena Beach. City of Camagüey Church of Our Lady of Las Mercedes Agramonte Park Castle of Los Tres Reyes del Morro Cayo Guillermo Beach. Bird`s-eye view of Sol Cayo Guillermo Hotel Inglaterra Hote. Facade. Remnant of battlement in the Wall View of the Wall. Fragment Tourists enjoying the beach.
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