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Date: APR 17, 2017
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The Cuban tourist scene, turned into a dynamic space that attracts thousands of visitors - nationals and foreigners - every year, is an economic alternative of relevance for the Caribbean island .

More than a hundred projects integrate the portfolio of investment opportunities in the Cuban leisure industry, with a view to maintaining the dynamism of the sector.

Among the proposals to stimulate the entry of foreign capital, the introduction of the new modality of management contracts with financing is highlighted.

This tool allows important hotel companies to commit themselves with the necessary contribution to remodel the installation, before starting its management.

Another variant is the service management contract at sea, valued as an important complement to the hotel operation throughout the Island.

In this context, there are territories such as the province of Ciego de Avila, with a wide range of proposals for leisure, excellent beaches, unique nature, traditions of the past and history.

In this area is located the destination Jardines del Rey, considered the most dynamic growth in the Cuban leisure industry, to which is added the existence of numerous monuments that provide a unique touch on the options for tourism.

Among the latter is the so-called Trocha de Júcaro a Morón, considered one of the most important military monuments in the Caribbean region and the largest Spanish fortification of the 19th century on the island and Latin America.

Its construction, carried out between 1871 and 1872, had very precise objective to cut the passage of the Cuban Liberating Army in its advance towards the western portion of the country and to avoid the expansion of the war to those territories.

Many of the vacationers are attracted by the city of Morón, founded in May 1543 and with an origin that is in the hands of families who emigrated from Sancti Spíritus, as well as sailors who sailed along the north coast in search of adventures and fortune.

According to the traditions, there are several versions that point to the name of the locality, one of them linked to its foundation on a low elevation, which coincides with the geographic definition of "morón", which means small mound of land.

The centenary city is also known as the City of the Rooster, alluding to the symbol of the settlers of the place and based on a legend dating from the colonial period, made special attraction for tourism.

The Rooster of Morón is reflected in a sculpture in bronze of three meters and a weight of three tons, work done by the outstanding Cuban plastic artist Rita Longa at the beginning of the 80's of last century.

In addition, just three kilometers from the city is the Laguna de la Leche, with 66 square kilometers of surface that make it the largest body of natural water in Cuba.

Morón`s rooster
Dutch town
Casona de Moron
Moron Hotel`s façade
Swimming pool, Morón Hotel
Morón`s rooster

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Morón`s rooster Dutch town Casona de Moron Moron Hotel`s façade Swimming pool, Morón Hotel Entertainment Morón`s rooster
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