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Vacations and Healthcare in Cuba
Date: JAN 14, 2008
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Cuba, which has a strategic location in the Caribbean region, offers its natural, cultural and historic wealth to foreign tourists, who can also benefit from the country's health facilities to improve their quality of life.

Dozens of kilometers of excellent white-sand beaches and exuberant vegetation are major attractions for nature enthusiasts.

In addition, Cuba's tourist sector has an excellent infrastructure, so that vacationers can combine their vacations with activities aimed at improving their health.

Thousands of health professionals and state-of-the-art technology at dozen of specialized medical centers, in addition to national and traditional medicine, are available for tourists.

Alternative or complementary medicine, which is based on experiences and practices that are transmitted from generation to generation, is a great option to treat a wide range of diseases effectively without using chemical drugs, which sometimes cause severe side effects.

Cuba has a network of pharmaceutical laboratories where natural raw materials are processed to make syrups, ointments, talc, tinctures and extracts, among other excellent products to treat a wide range of diseases.

In addition, there are spas where patients are treated with mud and medicinal waters, which are highly effective.

Cuba combines recreation and medical treatments to improve the quality of life, including such procedures as thalassotherapy.

That medical modality benefits from the island's marine environment – air, water and climate – and other natural resources such as mud, sand and algae.

First-class programs and techniques are available for tourists at the International Retinitis Pigmentosa Center, where several eye diseases are treated, or the Placental Hystotherapy Center, where dermatological diseases such as vitiligo are cured.

In addition to international clinics, pharmacies, optician's shops and specialized centers in major tourist resorts, which play a major role in improving the people's quality of life, Cuba also offers a broad medical infrastructure to foreign visitors.

More than 280 hospitals, 400 polyclinics, 116 dental clinics and 1,500 medical posts make up the national health network to meet the most complex requirements of human health.

Histotherapy Center
San José del Lago. Façade.
Exterior View. Elguea.
Elguea. Treatments
Neurological Restoration Center
Rehabilitation exercises
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    Histotherapy Center

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    Histotherapy Center San José del Lago. Façade. Exterior View. Elguea. Elguea. Treatments Neurological Restoration Center Rehabilitation exercises San José del Lago. Outside view. San José del Lago. Outside view. Rehabilitation exercises San José del Lago. Outside view. San José del Lago. Front desk. San José del Lago. Therapeutic pool. Dr. Orfilio Peláez Elguea. Room San José del Lago. Swimming pool. San José del Lago. Room. Ophthalomologic care
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